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Shop until you drop in our very own Shopocalypse 48-hour game jam! Can you be the top consumer and stay safe during a pandemic?

Find out now by downloading this physics sandbox game and post your best score!

Piggy going crazy shopping!

This game was made by four mad people (Peet, Chris, Matt and DJ) in a self-imposed time limit of about 48-hours (we did cheat and made some final tweaks and packaging it up for itch.io after time was up). The jam theme was randomized using the BAFTA game jam randomizer which resulted in: "Supermarket, Find all items, Limited Space, Simulation, Colors". YOU can be the judge if we hit the mark or not...

Shopocalypse can be played with a gamepad or the keyboard (arrows/wasd + shift to boost).

Our friendly shopaholics

Please enjoy and let us know what you think!


Shopocalypse_win_x64.zip 87 MB


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I got 322 and still not a good customer, I ashemed my gamer ancestors!

Love the arcade feel and you definitely nailed the Randomizer suggestions. Keyboard controls are a bit wonky so I definitely recommend a controller for this!

Thanks for playing and the feedback!